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DUCO N AMICA Marseille——extremely retaining the active ingredients contained in vegetable oils and other additives, the formula is naturally moisturizing and is the best skin care product.
In addition to cleansing the skin, it moisturizes the skin more effectively without causing harm to the skin.

Laurel Berry Soothes——Helps Anti-inflammation and sterilization, promote wound healing, Suppresses acne and removes blackheads.

Butterfly Pea Antioxidant Revitalizing——Contains anthocyanins Promote collagen production , beauty care; vitamins A, C, E, effective antioxidant , Promote blood circulation , improve metabolism.

Fresh Goat Milk—— Strictly selected imported fresh goat milk with relatively low fat content Cow's milk and breast milk are high; therefore more moisturizing and less likely to cause allergies.

Fresh Goat Milk & Oats——Ingredients and Fresh goat milk soap is the same, but the oats in it It can relieve itching, moisturize and make the skin smooth and tender; it can also effectively clean the skin gently and treat eczema, psoriasis , atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Black Sugar & Honey——Moisturizes the skin and extracts excess melanin from the dermis to achieve whitening and moisturizing effects. at the same time Honey is rich in minerals and has bactericidal and moisturizing effects.

Lavender & Rose——has a deep moisturizing and soothing effect, nourishes the skin and soothes your mood, allowing you to sleep naturally.

Marigold Chamomile Anti-Allergy & Soothing—— It is highly effective in reducing redness, soothing sensitivity, and can deeply penetrate and soften the skin; it can solve dry, dehydrated, damaged or mature skin, and is especially effective for eczema and psoriasis. it can promote metabolism, fade dark spots, and prevent wrinkles.

Comfrey & Neem——Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, promotes wound healing, and has significant effects on problem skin, such as acne, inflammation, eczema, etc.

Sage Purification——Anti-inflammatory and sterilizing while regulating skin condition, nourishing and moisturizing, improving enlarged pores, and restoring youthfulness and radiance.

Artemisia & Ginger——Anti-inflammatory Sterilize, dispel wind Cold, promotes qi and blood circulation, promotes blood circulation, Specifically designed for confinement and suitable for Used by people with cold hands and feet.

Thai-Moisturizer (Seasonal Edition)——Has the effects of anti-inflammation, wound repair, antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing, and brightening skin tone.

Breast Milk——Made for customers, yes A mother gives her baby the best gift. 100% saponification is completed, no residual free alkali, no sensitivity or eczema, quality assurance, environmental protection and no waste.

Buy any Marseille, you can get one cotton bubble bag.
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